Louis Meintjes

5th in the Vuelta

September 7, 2014

So where to begin? Yesterday was a great day for the team. To finish 5th place on the hardest climb in the Vuelta’s history is very satisfying. The plan was for us to put someone in the break. When Jacques, Jaco and I ended up there, we were really happy with the move and we had more riders than any other team. Jacques and Jaco gave it their all and drove the break for me while I just had to sit on and save energy for the end. They fetched bottles and food and I would never have gotten this result without them.

We got time gaps after a while that the gap was going down but luckily there were a few motivated guys in the break so we worked hard together to stay away. I was getting information from our DS Jens Zemke all the time. The plan was to stay in the group until 3km to go and then just ride at your own pace to the finish. The climb was so steep that drafting wasn’t going to make any difference. I was basically just trying to pace myself correctly because it’s the kind of climb where you can get it horribly wrong. We were going so slowly, when I saw 1km to go, I could not believe we still had so far to go haha.

I’m very happy with the result and I think it’s something the team has been working for. We’ll keep trying and attempt to get the best out of the race. We are starting to get more and more tired each morning now when we wake up so I guess it’s just taking it day by day now. We have two hard days in a row coming up. We’ll have our team meeting this morning to see what the plan is for today.

As always, thanks so much for the support.


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