Louis Meintjes

After Catalunya and Pais Vasco

April 14, 2016

After Catalunya and Pais Vasco I was pretty disappointed because things didn’t go according to plan. It’s frustrating because those were two of the best races of the year for me and I went there with good preparation and form but got nothing to show for it.

In Pais Vasco on stage 2, I went into the breakaway and I was wearing less clothes to be aero dynamic but I dropped out of the break because I was cold and really not feeling good. I dropped back to the car to get more clothes and we made the call for me to stop because I was shivering and just too cold after a hard month.

This Sunday I’ll be doing Giro dell’Appennino as the last preparation before Fleche Wallonne and Liege Bastogne Liege.

I’ve been working really hard in training and hopefully I can show that I have good form. Even though the year hasn’t gone perfectly yet results wise but the team has been really supportive. I’m feeling good on the bike. Your confidence gets knocked a bit and it gets frustrating but I know you just need one result for everything to change so I am staying focused.




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