Louis Meintjes

Criterium du Dauphine

June 15, 2015

Completing my first Criterium du Dauphine was a pretty good experience. The motivation was really high from the team but my personal motivation was also high. From the team’s point of view, there wasn’t that much pressure on us going into the race because the team is focussed on the Tour but having no pressure brought the best out of us.

We are really proud of what we achieved and won’t forget it quickly. To get sixth and then third in a World Tour race is something that really excites me. I still can’t believe it sometimes. It’s always satisfying to achieve your goals. We were focussed on the Tour the whole time which is why I didn’t go full gas everyday and rather took it easy some days and just focussed on key stages. It’s what I like about the team, everything is well thought out.

It’s always interesting racing in different countries and at different levels because the peloton feels different. In the Dauphine, there was a big respect among the riders. Everyone in the race is pretty much going to the Tour so everyone takes fewer risks and they are more cautious because they know the big goal is still coming up.

I always have to say thanks to the back up staff of the team. No one sees them and they hardly get any praise but none of the riders can do without them. Thank you. Always thanks to all the support from back home in Africa. We always enjoys getting everyones messages.


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