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Latest update as I start the off season

March 4, 2014

The season is finally over for me and I have time to update you again. Since the Vuelta, the next big goal was the world championships. I had a good ride in the time trial to finish in the top ten. I was a bit lucky because most of my ride wasn’t in the rain like when the favourites went off. The time trial is somewhere I have been working to improve this year, especially in the corners and that’s where I pushed it in the race a bit. I was happy at the end of the day because I didn’t lose the time that I normally do so I was happy with that improvement.

We always knew going into the road race that the course wasn’t suited to me. I had to try something. I could not wait for the last lap because I would not have stayed away from there. Maybe I had a chance to stay away from the second last lap but it was always going to be a gamble on a course like that and I was happy that I could show myself at the front of the race for a while. I have to say thanks to the South African team, as the guys were a great support on the day.

I finished the season off with a few Italian classics. In the first one, we worked for our sprinter Kristian and I was happy that I could support him as I was feeling good and was in the front right up until the end. From there, I finished 11th in Giro dell\’Emilia. I had a pretty good ride that day so I am happy with that. The Italian racing scene might not be as hard as WorldTour races but it’s very similar. At the Vuelta there were maybe 100 guys who could win on any day where as at these races there around 50 guys who will be in the front group at the end and fight for victory. So it’s still a really good field and everyone is motivated. The Italians take big pride in their races so they race for every competition and I was happy that the team could show itself there and do well.

Now I am ready to fly back to South Africa this weekend. I am really looking forward to having a break. I can’t wait to get back home and speak Afrikaans and knowing where everything is and feeling at home. Thanks again for all the support throughout the season.


(Photos: Bettini)

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