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Vuelta a Espana Rest Day Blog

September 1, 2014

We’ve just finished our coffee ride for today so I thought I’d take some time to update you on the race so far. I’m actually not as tired as I thought I would be at this stage of the race so that’s a good sign. I would say this about the race so far, the easy bits are very easy and the hard bits are really hard. It’s really hard to get a result because when the main GC guys decide to go, they go really hard. The heat in the first week has been ridiculous too. Think of the hottest day you’ve been in then think of being outside on your bike in that heat for five hours. On those days we only averaged 100watts for the first two hours of racing. To give you some perspective, any amateur rider who rides on the weekends could probably stay in the bunch with us for those two hours. It’s watts less than you do on a recovery ride.

So yeah we have these super easy bits but when the real guys decide to go, the pace is just something else. The first mountain stage wasn’t a bad one for me. I felt quite good that day and when the group was getting smaller I thought I must be on a good day. If I pushed all the way to the line I maybe could have finished 25th or something but there is no point in doing that. I want to try and get one good result, maybe a top ten so it makes sense to sit up and rest instead.

On yesterday’s mountain stage the plan was to save something for the finish but the fact that such a big break went caught the race off-guard a bit. The break stayed away so it was just one of those days where you risk saving for the finish instead of going in the break and then they stay away.

The weather conditions yesterday was something else. The wind and rain made it harder in general. The group split at the bottom of the final climb and I tried to get to the front to the help Sergio but I couldn’t get there.

I’ve crashed once in the race so far but luckily it wasn’t too serious. I almost missed the crash but I caught the guy in front of me and had nowhere to go.

Overall the race has been good for the team. We’ve been in the breaks and got a few top tens so it hasn’t been that bad. I am confident to get to the end of the race and that’s the first goal but I am definitely going to try for a result. I have realised it’s not very easy but I won’t be giving up, that’s for sure.


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